We Design, We Make, We Take the Responsibility

M&F Lamps as one of the most professional manufacturer of LED Work Lights, LED Driving Lights, and LED Headlights, mainly focuses on agriculture, construction, mining, forestry and material handling etc, and we're committed to offer exclusive and high quality products to customers.

High quality light shows high lumens, uniform illumination, good heat diffusion, and excellent performance for anti-dust, anti-shock, waterproof and EMC.

Main LED products

LED Work Lights

LED Work Lights

With wide range of innovative model series, M&F LAMPS offer qualified and compact LED work lights for off highway equipments, include agriculture, construction, mining, foestry, material handling, offroad and marine industries.

LED Driving Lights

LED Driving Lights

M&F LAMPS developed a series of high quality led driving lights with or without DRL and position light, include 5" 7" 9" round and the rectangle driving lights for offroad, UTV, ATV, and heavy duty trucks etc.

Headlight and Fog Light

Headlight and Fog Lights

M&F LAMPS specifically designed LED headlights and fog lights for agriculture equipments, automotive, JEEPS, and trucks, with ECE R10, R112 compliants, we'll offer you the LHT/RHT headlights according to traffic rule of road in your market.

Agricultrual LED

Agricultrual LED

Agricultural LED series are custom made LED work lights, LED headlights, and LED driving lights, to be compatible with tractors, combines, sprayers and harvesters, with super high lumens, uniform illumination, and excellent EMC performance.

Construction LED

Construction LED

Construction LED series are special designed work lights for the extreme enviroment for heavy equipments in construction and mining, include haul trucks, loaders, excavators and dozers. It's tested to handle the constant vibration and intense shocks.

Marine LED

Marine LED

Marine LED series are high level standard designed led boat lighting and led marine lighting, include led deck lights, underwater boat lights, underwater dock lights, and spreader lights for fishing boats, leisure marine and superyachts etc

Lighting solutions

LED Work Lights LED driving lights and LED headlights for agricultural machinery
LED work lights LED warning lights and LED safety lights for Material handling equipment
LED boat lights LED spreader work Lights and underwater lights for Marine
LED Work Lights LED driving lights and LED headlights for Construction & Mining equipment
LED driving lights LED light bars and LED headlights for Offroad
LED Work Lights LED driving lights and LED headlights for Forestry equipment

8 reasons to choose M&F lamps

Business Model

Business Model

M&F Lamps is a subsidiary brand, with factory and export brand separated, we could offer you not only factory direct price, product & financial support, but flexible support with fast reactions.

Technology Strength

Technology Strength

R&D engineer team are professional in mechanical, electronic and optical solutions for LED work lights. Our CISPR 25 CLASS 4/5 solution will assure the brightness, stable and lifespan of our products.

quality control

Quality Control

High level quality standard on LED work lights, driving lights and headlights, Stable material supply chain based on our steady growth of sales volume, Strict management according to ISO9001 quality system.

Innovative Products

Innovative Products

As we are committed to be one of the leading brand in the off highway LED lighting industry, we invest more than one million USD each year to develop new products continuously.

lighting experience

Lighting experience

Over 11 years overseas sales and 8 years manufacturing experience, we could better understand what you need in different markets and work as a trustworthy partner.


Our Service

New innovative products promotion, 24/7 for sales and support, 5 years warranty, sourcing and warehouse for your storage.

vip support

VIP Support

Free samples, free mold charge, exclusive models, financial support, professional sales assistant to coordinate your orders.

Our Integrity

Our Integrity

Doing the right thing for customers is our core value, we insist on working with trust, honesty, consistency and responsibility.

M&F Lamps Certificates


We're both. Frankly speaking, as a subsidiary brand specialiazed in LED work lights for off highway equipments, we mainly exported the products of our own factory, but sometimes, we also help customers source some parts.

What we believe is that your business is also our business, and what we want to do is to expand the market with you together by developing innovative new products, reducing your potential losses, and save your cost, include product, time, and communication.

Firstly, we've specific definition on our quality standards, and in order to fullfill these quality requirements, we'll arrange comprehensive tests for mechanical, electronic, and optical performance, include optical parameter test, vibration test, EMC test, salt spray test, high & low temperature test, waterproof test, aging test, beam pattern test, and beam angel test etc. All products could be released on the condition that pass all these essential test.

Besides, we have a strict QC system according to ISO9001:2005, all the materials would be inspected before production, include material housing, reflector, lens, PCB, LED chips and brackets, screws etc.

In the process of mass production, our experienced QC team inspect products by checking the current, waterproof, lifespan and appearance etc, and each led work light or driving lights should be approved for strict inspection, and ensure that there is no defect such as moisture, LED getting darker, or working improperly before shipment.

If there is any quality problem when customers use it, we'll collect all the detail information and discuss it on the meeting, and the case would be showed on the Defect Mangement Board in workshop, so that every staff could keep two eyes on the mistakes and improve our quality level continuously.

No, we guarantee that our products won't have EMI(Radiated and Conducted Electromagnetic Interference) problem. As a professional manufacturer, we set up a high level standard when we design the electronic solution, all the products are according to CISPR 25 standards, and could get ECE R10, R112, R87, R7, R23 approved accordingly.

We guarantee 2~5 years for our products according to customer's requirements. As our slogan, we design, we make and we take the responibility, we'll be in charge of it if there is any defectives within the warranty.

Yes, our experienced electronic, optical engineers and sales team will offer you optimal solution and service completely according to your demands.

It's mainly ADC12 aluminum alloy for LED work lights, ADC12 also known as A383, is one of the most widely used materials for diecast.

In order to assure our products with high performance, we prefer to use original chips, like CREE, OSRAM and Luminus etc. For the chips, we mainly consider its effictive lux, working temperature, lifespan etc, of course, competitive price is also the key factor.

Firstly, the thickness of our PCB is 1.2~1.5mm, rather than 0.8~1.0mm. Secondly, we'll add a highly thermal conductive gel between PCB and the housing. Finally, we'll adjust the power of LED to be 70% effective, to assure it has no influrence on its lifespan.

We mainly use PC, PMMA for our LED work lights.

We have 8 production lines, more than 60,000pcs led work lights and 20,000pcs LED driving lights were exported per month.

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